List of some useful and free Defect Bug Tracking Tools

01 Feb

With the advancement in IT industry and its way to cope up with its competitors, every company desires to have its each and every tool to perform to the peak to hold its position in the market. Defect Bug tracking tools are nowhere an exception in this regard and has emerged out with ample amount of tools nowadays offering numerous salient features.

Some of the Defect Bug Tracking tools that have placed themselves strongly in the market are as follows:

Bugzero– It is a web based tool and has the ability to run on different platforms and is very easy to install. It is designed to support more than one project at a time and is incorporated with all the up-to-date features such as automatic email notification, generation of the metrics etc.

Bugzilla– This is one such tool which has emerged out be the best for open source systems and is highly configurable.

FogBugz– It is another web based tool, easy to use, comes with a free evaluation and offers self-explanatory features.

IBM Rational ClearQuest– It is one of the best tools offered by IBM to track the progress of the Software lifecycle and all the enhancements or new change requests. It gives you a better insight to trace the defects logged by the respective team to make the software free of any bugs.

JIRA– Developed by Atlassian, it is a web based tool crafted on J2EE platform and is designed to run on any platform that is equipped with Java 1.3 x.

QuickBugs– the tool is in high demand by majority of the reputed companies nowadays and can be used for logging of the issues, can be incorporated with the new features requested by the client. It is a very easy to use tool and can be supported by multiple projects at a time. All attributes such as generation of the report, viewing the workflows of the defect or any phase of the software life cycle is included in this tool.

BugRat-It is a Java based tool and can be used to report the issues via web or email.

ProblemTracker-It suffice all your needs starting from logging of a defect to tracing back to the requirements or incorporating any new change requests or enhancements.

Bug Tracking Online-With no complications of set up costs and other issues, the defects can be logged in a short span of time.

With so much Defect Bug Tracking Tools in place, select the most appropriate one as per the need and budget of your Project.

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