GUI Testing Checklist

26 Mar

GUI Testing Checklist

Ideally, motive of the GUI testing is to recognize your application which is according to the specific standards for graphical user interface. These checklists would be beneficial for the QA and development team. Checklist must be comprises of all the GUI components that will be tested systematically. Below is the checklist which is really beneficial for every tester to perform under GUI testing for specific application:

Colors used in the web application:

•Check the colors for the hyperlinks.
•Background color for all the pages should be tested.
•Color for the warning message should be checked.
Content used in the web application:

•Font on the whole website should be same according the requirements.
•Check that content is properly aligned or not.
•All the labels should be proper aligned
•Check all the content for respective words to be in lower and upper case.
•Check all the error message on the screen and should not have any spelling mistake.
Images used in the web application:

•Check all the graphics should be proper aligned.
•Check for the broken images all over.
•Check the size for the graphics used or uploaded.
•Check all the banners and their size.
•Check the buttons for the respective command like size, font and font size.
Navigation in the application:

•All the tabs should be loaded on time.
•Tabs should be displayed in sequence.
•All the tabs from the left to right should be correct according to the requirements.
•Check scrollbar is getting displayed if required.
•Check all the links given in the sitemap and see for broken links.
Usability in the application:

•Check the font size and it should be readable.
•Check the spelling for all the fields that they are prompting properly or not.
•Check whole website’s look and feel.
•Test the website in all resolutions like 640×480 etc.
Hence, if the entire checklist followed then there is no chance of missing any requirement from the hands of tester and developer. It is suggested to draft all the points in the excel sheet and add the columns pass and fail against each checklist. And send the development team after performing testing cycle. There are other tools which are also available and it is apart from the manual testing like web link validator to check broken link and online w3c validator tool for checking usability standards.

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